Best OBD2 Scanner With ABS And SRS in 2020

For your cars to operate smoothly, you will have to scan and remedy any errors from time to time. To be able to do this, you will rely extensively on gadgets or pieces of software that are designed exclusively for this end. These are the best OBD2 scanner with ABS and SRS.

They enable you to know the errors that exist on the display units of the cars. With this knowledge, you get to know what exactly is wrong with your car and how to rectify it. Then, you restore the proper health of your car in the best shape and form. We examine this gadget and software in our review-cum-buying guide below.



For one, there are two main kinds of scanners today. These are the OBD1 and OBD2 respectively. They are used for more or less similar applications. Nonetheless, the former i.e. OBD1 only supports the cars that are manufactured in or before the year 1995. The latter however supports those cars that are manufactured after 1996.


This is the short form for the Anti-braking system. This system prevents the wheels from locking up while braking. In that way, it maintains and upholds your own safety and also spares your vehicle from possible structural damages while in transit.


The SRS stands for the supplementary or secondary restraint system. Its purpose is to uphold your own safety when on the road. The bag deploys and inflates to make you safer and protected from the harsh impacts that your body may attain when in direct contact with the interior car parts.

Best OBD2 Scanner With ABS AND SRS Reviews 2020

We now take a look at some of the best OBD2 scanners that money can buy at the moment:

#1 ANCEL AD610 Elite OBDII Scanner ABS SRS (Airbag) Reset Scan Tool Automotive Check Engine SAS Diagnostic Code Reader


This best abs code reader is compatible with many phones and electronic gadgets. It is hence the one to use to carry out impromptu everyday scanning tasks. The app is able to impact all the key parts of your typical car.

In particular, it is capable of diagnosing and resetting the airbags, engine systems, and the steering wheel. While doing these, the app finds out whether any errors exist on the codes and takes appropriate steps.

The sum total of these is the added peace of mind for you. Being a comprehensive app, it enables you to freeze the frame, monitor the tests, and identify just about any other problem that may warrant your immediate intervention.

Positive Side
  • Works in many models of vehicles
  • Tackles many scanning-related ends
  • Reads and erases codes simultaneously
  • Displays outcomes in both data and texts
  • Useful in multiple languages
Negative Side
  • Limited in the number of supported phones

#2 FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool & Code Reader for iPhone and Android

FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool & Code Reader

Want primarily to skim your engine? Choose to work with this app. It does have the ability to skim the state of the engines to bring about the relevant pieces of information for you.

These outputs it brings about via definitions that are 2-3 sentences long. Thanks to this awesome speed, you will similarly get to enjoy faster and expedited skimming of the states of the items.

Also coming along is a vehicle timeline that serves as a reminder of the need for scheduled maintenance. Thanks to it, you will not really forget what you ought to do when.

Positive Side
  • Translates the diagnostics in simple English
  • Saves you plenty of time
  • Makes you more confident when traveling
  • Reduces the costs of applications
  • Relays the outcomes in real-time
Negative Side
  • Only for the professional user

#3 BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool

Looking to enjoy real-time transmission of the captured data and readings? You have a pleasant companion in this best obd2 scanner with live data. It has the ability to do just that owing to its seamless connectivity.

Other than the real-time relay of the readings, this app also supports many kinds of data sources and formats. The digital displays, gauges, and graphs are the core examples of these.

To make your readings and understanding better, the app customizes the colors of the readings and outputs. That seals off any rooms for ambiguities. Moreover, it also resizes and places the outcomes neatly for your clear legibility.

Positive Side
  • Licensed and certified for Android and Apple gadgets
  • Works well with many other closely-related apps
  • Trusted by mechanics world over
  • Developed by Professional Engineers in North America
  • Reads and acts at the same time
Negative Side
  • Prone to signal interference

#4 FOXWELL NT630 Plus OBD2 Scanner SRS Code Reader Automotive OBD II SRS Airbag Diagnostic and ABS Brake Bleed Scan Tool


For your own added peace of mind, you want a scanner that goes beyond merely detecting ills in the automobile systems. The one for you has to do so much more than just detect anomalies.

We ask you to attempt this Foxwell Brand as it detects the faults while at the same time eliminate air from the internal brake fluids chambers. This is due to its ability to bleed out the brakes to allow for proper handling and repairs.

With this tool, it is possible for you to scan the entire length and breadth of the vehicle’s parts and components like the actuators, relays, sensors, and switches, in one swoop. In this way, it saves you time and effort.

Positive Side
  • Provides extensive coverage of the vehicles
  • Manages accurate and professional diagnosis outcomes
  • Pretty compatible with almost all kinds of automobiles
  • Suitable for professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers
  • Backed by awesome assistance and customer service regime
Negative Side
  • Incapable of removing the collision and crash data

#5 Innova 3100j OBD2 Scanner / Car Code Reader with ABS, SRS, and Service Light Reset

Innova 3100j OBD2 Scanner

Searching for a scanner to exclusively check the engine of the car? You have a great companion in this one. It is primarily meant and designed for testing and getting to know the status of the car engine.

Aside from this, it works well across just about every other kind of car. These include but are certainly not limited to the sporting utility vehicles, light trucks, and hybrid automobiles, to name but a few!

As part of its capability, the scanner can also gauge the performance of the charging system of the vehicle. This blends with the oil reset to confer consumption and engagement of the oil mechanisms of the car.

Positive Side
  • Performs the necessary tasks faster than usual
  • Reads and erases the trouble codes on most vehicles
  • Displays the conditions of the engines instantly
  • Enables bi-directional functionality
  • Works across several models
Negative Side
  • Limited to the engines alone

#6 E.T. Soliport ELM 327 Bluetooth OBDII OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner

If your computer operates on the Windows XP operating system, choose to work with this scanner. It is designed to operate and work alongside the said system perfectly. To make this possible, it comes along with a small CD that contains the software program.

Some variations of this scanner also work on the Android platform and are hence usable across the smartphones. In light of this, the scanner is highly convenient to make good use of.

This is a general-purpose scanner software in the sense that impacts every length and breadth of the cars. Being simpler to make good use of, your use of the gadget is not really going to be too much of a hassle.

Positive Side
  • Comes at a fairer price
  • Demands no extreme expertise to engage
  • Simpler to set up for eventual use
  • Works across several platforms
  • Impacts varied parts and components of the car
Negative Side
  • Suitable for the Honda Accord and Ford Taurus models only

#7: Autel ABS SRS OBD2 Scanner, Autel Scanner Maxilink ML619, Upgraded Version of AL619, Check Engine Code Reader


Do you operate a squeezed timeline? You want a scanner that is also pretty faster and prompt. This is the one that we would vouch for. It has the ability to quickly and promptly skim the parts of the car and display the readings.

This tool is held by the hand and is hence suitable for detecting the faults on the various parts and systems of the cars with absolute ease. Its handheld nature also expedites performances and operations.

With this gadget, it is possible for you to facilitate a number of relevant tasks and purposes. These include but not limited to turning off the engine lights, resetting the monitors, and clearing the codes, to name but a few!

Positive Side
  • Relays the live PCM data stream
  • Encased in a protective Nylon for expedited handling
  • Stands taller to the scrapes and strikes
  • Connects smoothly to many like-minded components
  • Performs the diagnostics in ABS and SRS
Negative Side
  • Prone to inaccuracies

#8: iCarsoft E660 ABS+SRS+SAS+EPB+OBD II Diagnostic Tool


Do you have many vehicles in your possession? Well, a similarly versatile diagnostic tool of this kind is a great one to pick and make do with for the job. This tool boasts of the ability to impact a whopping 40 vehicle makes!

When deployed in the car, it can do so much more. It reads and clears the trouble codes on the airbag, ABS, and the engine. Overall, it enables you to enjoy and leverage 10 modes of operations, all for your maximum benefits!

To add to these, the scanner also impacts the electronic parking brakes. This it does chiefly by re-reactivating and deactivating this system to allow for smoother initialization and replacement. Have we also pointed out the ease of operations?

Positive Side
  • Supports many systems at a go!
  • Backed by sufficient customer support
  • Impacts many makes of the vehicles
  • Boasts of 10 modes of operations
  • Able to stream live data
Negative Side
  • Likely to confuse a simpler user

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#9: Launch CRP129 OBD2 ENG/AT/ABS/SRS EPB SAS OIL Service Light Resets Code Reader


Are you a professional mechanic or someone with some above-average expertise? You want to pick the best professional obd2 scanner that is similarly designed and equipped for technical applications and commercial ends.

Of all the ones in our crosshairs, it is this that fits that bill exceptionally well. It incorporates all the vital tools-of-trade needed for the tackling of all forms of diagnostics and scans in one comprehensive packaging.

Then again, it manages the attainment of graphical data streams. These hasten the diagnosis of the information in a manner that is simpler and greatly expedited. Have we also mentioned that it simplifies the process of making repairs?

Positive Side
  • Allows for updating the codes conveniently
  • Enjoys a full one-year warranty
  • Fixes all the latest models of automobiles
  • Allows for prompt online updates
  • Manages top-rated performances.
Negative Side
  • Limited to professionals and experienced experts

#10: LAUNCH CRP123 OBD2 Scanner Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission Car Diagnostic Tool

Are you a veteran and a full-time motorist? The scanner of your choice has to be that which is able to be updated throughout its whole lifetime. We invite you to attempt your fate on this best obd2 scanner for the money as it manages just that.

This scanner is basically a powerful and full-featured automotive scanning tool. It has the ability to lend its support to the various diagnostic functions, chief of these being the ability to clear the DTC’s on most cars.

It also provides added support to all the 10 modes of the OBD II. Moreover, it also confers the data for the manufacturer at the simple touch of a button. This way, it manages to facilitate the recording and replay of the prompts.

Positive Side
  • Balances power and affordability at a time
  • Gives you the ability to preset and stream live data
  • Graphs and records the data in real-time
  • Covers many models and makes of cars
  • Able to take readings from the engine transmission
Negative Side
  • Demands some expertise to handle and engage

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#11: MAOZUA Latest V7.7 Creator C310+ Airbag/ABS/SRS Diagnostic Scan Tool


Is yours strictly a BMW model? This is the scanner to choose to work with if you answered this question in the affirmative. The scanner is wholly designed for the said model and also manages to give off some awesome applications.

It also boasts of the ability to give off the readings in numerous languages like traditional Chinese, German, and English. This is besides its ability to accommodate numerous updates later on if and when need be.

A 2.8-inch color LCD stands out as the premier part and component of the scanner. This one gives 320×240 Pixels of free views that are clearly legible to the naked eyes. What’s more? It also confers support to the USB connectivity.

Positive Side
  • Easily held by the hand
  • Simpler to carry around and operate
  • Displays live data from the source
  • Graphs the data for expedited interpretations
  • Enables free upgrades from time to time
Negative Side
  • Strictly for BMW models

#12: OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for iPhone, Android, and Windows

OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for iPhone

Scanning your vehicle need not necessarily mean purchasing a sophisticated piece of equipment at too great a cost. This is a feat that is attainable by simply getting your hand on a nice smartphone and relevant piece of software.

This is the software we would recommend for that job. It is able to convert your Android, Windows, or iPhone device to a professional-grade diagnostic scan tool.

In all, the item is able to provide enhanced support to a vast array of motor vehicles like Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, and Ford. This is besides it tackling many maintenance and diagnostic chores.

Positive Side
  • Gets you more live parameters than other scanners
  • Adequately protected from all hassles
  • Furnished with constant firmware updates
  • Able to access manufacturer-specific vehicle data
  • Fits many platforms and gadgets
Negative Side
  • Has a limited reach and applicability

#13: INNOVA CarScan Pro 5610 Code Scanner – Professional OBD2 Code Reader – Bi-Directional Scan Tool – Enhanced Data with RepairSolutions2 App

INNOVA CarScan Pro 5610 Code Scanner

Sometimes all you want is data to subsequently use to repair and spruce your automobile. Having an app that can do that is by all means highly welcome. Place your bet on this one as it is the one that is engineered for that end.

By virtue of enabling live streams, bi-directional controls, and playbacks, this app really suits that role well. It hence ensures that everything you might want to tackle is handled well ‘under one roof.’ That also minimizes the wastage of time and unnecessary hassles.

One distinctive advantage of this scanner is that it displays the outputs in the form of graphs and in real-time. Thus, it is able to give you a peek into exactly what transpires when engaging the car overall.

Positive Side
  • Displays all the necessary data and performance metrics
  • Lets you fix your vehicle instantly
  • Enables smooth bi-directional controls
  • Able to learn procedures and adapt smoothly
  • Boasts of enhanced data streaming capability
Negative Side
  • Requires interpretation before use

#14: ANCEL FX4000 All System Automotive OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Vehicle OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool


Intending mainly to check your engines and the transmissions? We are pleased to invite your attention to this specific scanner. With this gadget, it is possible for you to scan and diagnose the engine systems considerably well.

Apart from diagnosis, the gadget also displays the live vehicle sensor data in both graphic and text formats. By reason of this, it gives you the leeway to behold the outcomes in the form and shape that is most convenient for you.

Its transmission mechanisms are highly versatile. They give you the freedom to determine the exact shape or form in which you want your outcomes displayed. These could be in real-time or as recorded.


Positive Side
  • Diagnoses both gas-powered and diesel vehicles
  • Checks many car performance metrics
  • Supports many of the leading global car brands
  • Works well on many parts of the cars
  • Clears the ABS of any errors
Negative Side
  • Displays readings in imperial units only

#15: FOXWELL NT201 OBD2 Scanner Check Engine Light Car Code Reader OBD II Diagnostic Scan Tool

FOXWELL NT201 OBD2 Scanner

For your maximum peace of mind and convenience, you want a comprehensive scanner that can literally handle all the tasks at one go! We welcome you to try your luck on this as it is able to do just that.

The gadget has a whopping full 10 modes. With these, it reads and erases faulty codes, showcases the live data outputs, acquires the vehicle identification number, and tests various parameters of the car among others.

All these it does while onboard and hence do not require that you shuffle back and forth the various gadgets. For all practical purposes, this item tackles many of the cars and automobiles that are available as of now.

Positive Side
  • A built-in speaker verbalizes the outcomes
  • Verifies the prompts before executing them
  • Resists dust and other forms of contaminants
  • Comes ready for use (plug-and-play)
  • Fits many platforms and gadgets
Negative Side
  • Consumes higher utility bills

Types Of OBD2 Scanner

Having reviewed the top products, we now explore the types of OBD2 scanners that are available for your leverage:

Bluetooth with Live Data

As its name suggests, this one relays data via the Bluetooth connectivity feature. Thus, it allows for one-on-one applications and the transmission of data.

Android App

This is a scanner that comes in the form of a software application that is downloaded and installed on Android platforms. It hence works well across multiple smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets.

Code Reader

With this one, you read codes and make meaning of the same. These codes conceal the messages and hence negates the possibility of the same getting lost of unnecessarily accessed while in transit.

Scan Tools

Scan Tools are able to read and clear a host of diagnostic trouble codes at the same time. For this reason, they cut down the hassles you are naturally bound to confront as you maintain your cars in the right shape.

OBD2 By Nature Of Work

When categorized by the nature of the work done, these tools may be divided into the following:

Light Scan

This is a machine that uses light to detect anomalies and display the same to the reader or user. The use of light negates one-on-one contact and is also less intrusive.

ABS/SRS Reader

These kinds of scanners are able to read and detect the activities of the ABS and the SRS respectively. In this way, they help to let you know what to expect and how to respond to any issues.

Things To Consider Before Buying OBD2 Scanner

To be able to lay your hands on a suitable OBD2 scanner, there are things you have to take care of. These will go a long way in enhancing the quality of your pick and make your experience better. We examine them hereunder:


The functionality of the gadget should be your topmost concern. This is basically the tasks which the gadget is intended or desired to tackle. You have to pair the right tool for the job. That is to minimize any hassles that are naturally bound to arise when attempting to make your readings.

On-screen Display

Next comes the on-screen display units. It is on these displays that you behold the state of the readings and the vital parameters that the item scans on the vehicle. This display unit, needless to say, has to be legible and able to display all the vital parameters clearly.

Code-printing Capacity

Its capacity to print out the codes also come in handy. A great machine of this kind ought to have a sufficiently high code-printing capacity. This is to allow for smoother and uninterrupted operations. As a general rule, larger printing capacity is necessary and is hence to be prioritized.

Live Feeds

For the sake of cutting down the operational time, it is important that the scanner you pick be able to relay data and readings in real-time. This can only happen if it supports wireless data transmission channels and mechanisms like Bluetooth.

Data login and Storage

Needless to say, you will have to log in to the system to store the data. You should similarly pay particular attention to these two metrics as they have a higher say on the kinds of performances you are naturally bound to accrue with use.

Vehicle Model Compatibility

Most of these gadgets are designed for use on only specific models of vehicles. Finding a suitable match is therefore strongly encouraged. Be sure to find the specific scanner that matches and blends well with the specific make of the vehicle you have in mind.


Finding the most suitable scanner should never be a life and death affair. It is imperative thus for you to choose that gadget that comes at the most affordable cost. This is a task that you achieve by comparing the prices of the many dealers before settling on a suitable one.


Coming closely after the price is the warranty. A good scanner should ideally be backed by a generous warranty to safeguard you from all possible forms of financial losses that come along with use after purchase. This warranty has to be comprehensive as much as it can be.

Maintenance & Safety Precautions

Caring and maintaining your scanner are two duties you have to undertake with due diligence. We highlight some of the care and safety precautions that will certainly be of help:

  • Never bang the gadget on the floor or parts of the vehicles
  • Choose the right gadget for the right vehicle
  • Dust and clean the equipment before storage
  • Update the software from time to time
  • Upgrade the various parts and components of the scanner
  • Repair and mend the electrical components in the best shapes and forms
  • Keep as far away from children as possible

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

We round our discussions up by looking into some questions that are frequently asked with regards to this awesome topic:

How to update obd2 scanner

A. Follow these steps to update the OBD2 scanner:

  • Plug the tool to the PC via the included USB port
  • Open the software, and access the Main Menu
  • Point the arrow to the System Setup then press ‘Enter’
  • Hover the mouse over the ‘Program Mode’ and press ‘Enter’
  • Double click the Actron LaunchPad shortcut to open the Scanning Suite on the PC
  • Click Tool Update
  • Leave it alone to update the software
  • Click ‘Finish’ to commence the installation process
  • Click ‘Done’ once the process is complete

Why should I buy an ABS/SRS scanner?

A. This gadget helps you to stay abreast of the needs of your vehicles and the requirements it has to fulfill to be able to run properly. It does these principally by identifying the faults that may exist on the car and its parts and relaying the same to you for your consideration.

Can obd2 scanner read obd1 codes?

A. YES, but there is a catch! You have to configure it appropriately for it to be able to play that role well. This of course will demand a fairly high degree of expertise on your part.

How to read obd2 codes without scanner GMC

  • Depress the odometer ‘Trip’ and then the ‘Reset’ buttons
  • Turn the ignition key ‘on’ and ‘off’ interchangeably while at this
  • Conclude the exercise with the key in the ‘on’ position
  • Let go of the odometer buttons
  • Take the readings of the trouble codes from the digital odometer

Can obd2 memo scan u480?

A. NOT really! However, it is possible for you to connect the u480 to the OBD2 port to achieve the desired end results. You hence have to insist on the OBD2 scanner for matters of OBD2 and the u480 strictly for the matters of the u480.


We conclude our look into the best OBD2 scanner with ABS and SRS there. With the detailed pieces of information we have conferred to you, it is our hope that you now have the inspiration you need to do a great job. What are you waiting for now? Is it too much to ask you to now scan your vehicles in peace?

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